Nuclear plant reactor power outputs are quoted in three ways:

  • Thermal MWt, which depends on the design of the actual nuclear reactor itself, and relates to the quantity and quality of the steam it produces.
  • Gross electrical MWe indicates the power produced by the attached steam turbine and generator, and also takes into account the ambient temperature for the condenser circuit (cooler means more electric power, warmer means less). Rated gross power assumes certain conditions with both.
  • Net electrical MWe, which is the power available to be sent out from the plant to the grid, after deducting the electrical power needed to run the reactor (cooling and feed-water pumps, etc.) and the rest of the plant.*

* Net electrical MWe and gross MWe vary slightly from summer to winter, so normally the lower summer figure, or an average figure, is used. If the summer figure is quoted plants may show a capacity factor greater than 100% in cooler times. Watts Bar PWR in Tennessee is reported to run at about 1125 MWe in summer and about 1165 MWe net in winter, due to different condenser cooling water temperatures. Some design options, such as powering the main large feedwater pumps with electric motors (as in EPR or Hualong One) rather than steam turbines (taking steam before it gets to the main turbine-generator), explains some gross to net differences between different reactor types. The EPR has a relatively large drop from gross to net MWe for this reason, and as noted above the Hualong One needs 20 MWe to run its primary pumps.

 The relationship between these is expressed in two ways:

  • Thermal efficiency %, the ratio of gross MWe to thermal MW. This relates to the difference in temperature between the steam from the reactor and the cooling water. It is often 33-37%.
  • Net efficiency %, the ratio of net MWe achieved to thermal MW. This is a little lower, and allows for plant usage.

In World Nuclear Association papers and figures and World Nuclear News items, generally net MWe is used for operating plants, and gross MWe for those under construction or planned/proposed.

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