Nuclear energy provides more than 55 percent of America’s carbon-free electricity.                 

We need deep decarburization to hit our climate goals. Nuclear power can get us there. As our largest source of clean energy, nuclear power is critical to reduce carbon emissions. Wind, solar and geothermal are on the rise, but the smartest policies will ensure these technologies complement, not replace, nuclear’s clean energy production. Protecting and growing our use of nuclear technologies are important ways to make a dent in greenhouse gases and help us make meaningful progress to address climate change.

Nuclear Energy and Global Warming

No other source, renewable or otherwise, contributes as much to meeting U.S. energy demand without emissions as nuclear. Every year, nuclear-generated electricity saves our atmosphere from more than 528 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions that would otherwise come from fossil fuels. That’s the same as taking all 111 million passenger vehicles in the United States off the road.  

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